Orifix MapBoard is a studied and defined product to answer to all your requests:


 - Light, strong and colorful

(Optimized structure weight but preventing shake and crash adversities)

(A range of ten colors available matching your bike/equipment)

- Light, strong and colorful.


 - One version, two possibilities

(Available two diameter frames with easy and quick fixation on your bike)

(The same mapboard can be mounted on handlebars of two different diameters/bikes)

(For 25.4mm or 31.8mm diameter handlebars there is an adapter ring, optional, to fix the frame with 31.8mm or 35mm diameter)


- Easy assembly. Partial disassembly

(The assembly/disassembly of the board could be done separately and quickly without tools)

(Orifix clamp screws, after undoing, can´t drop or lose them)

(The mapboard can be mounted on bikes without tools, using only thumbscrews, optional)


- Rotating board

(Map Board rotating in the whole range of 360° with easy friction control)

(Available in two sizes, Square - 300x300mm or Rectangular - 250x300mm board)

(Also available a bigger size, 350x300mm board, optional)


- Ergonomic

(Could be fixed in two different positions,  far or close from the athlete).

(Two height versions available: Long-110mm or Short-80mm)

(Can be placed also in a 50mm higher position with an extension, optional)



- Board with easy maps fixation

(Tough composite board flexes for safety. Available in White, Black and Incolor)

(With a clear UV plastic cover fixed with Velcro can quickly access the maps to the board)

(A ProVersion board also available for larger maps that includes besides Velcro, SnapButtons)



 - Magnetic Foil

(With two strong magnet Pins colored to be always aware, from and to where, you go) 

(Foil is flexible as boards and could be placed or adhesived in all the boards sizes)

(Attention: The magnet causes random changes in Compasses. So, it must be used outside the board area, for example, in the hand)



- Limited lifetime warranty.

(A limited lifetime warranty will be possibe only for metal Frame!)

(If the metal Frame is damaged without recovery or fails to function properly, replacement can be made by sending the defective product to the producer and against payment of 50% of the value of a new one.)


- To enjoy the colorful family of Orienteering.

 ( With a good mapboard, whatever the brand, 

Orifix, Miry, Decathlon, Fishian, AutoPilot, Nordenmark,  ...

practicing this sport with pleasure ;-)


 Orifix 2012